Merchant Services

Merchant Services at UBA include U-Payroll, Shoppers Mall & U-Collect

Merchant Services at UBA

  • –   U-Payroll
  • –   Shoppers Mall
  • –   U-Collect


The design and installation of a “World Class”, fully integrated Human Resource/Pensions/Payroll System at “No Cost” to the client.


  • Ease & Convenience
    • Automating Payroll & HR comply to global “Best Practice” Easy to use and comprehensive Web-based HR and payroll solution.
    • The System is fully online and accessible by authorized personnel globally via the Internet.
    • Instant notification via email and/or SMS to beneficiaries/recipients.
  • Organisational Control
    • Retain control over update of HR information (staff updates, salary variations & staff performance).
  • Prompt Payments
    • Direct Online payments to employees irrespective of their banks within and outside Nigeria.
  • Remittance of Statutory Deductions (PAYE, NHF)
    • No clearing period is required as it leverages online real-time connectivity to all banks
    • Extensive Report Rendition
    • Online reports for statutory & mandatory deductions
    • Automates & emulates all STANDARD Internal Control Procedures.
    • Online management reports & employee's pay slip.


  • U-Payroll deployment process
    • Client signs MOU – authorizing UBA to deploy
    • UBA deploys through the below process –
      • Requirements Definition : Gather Initial Information regarding general expectations; plus gather initial Payroll information.
      • Employee Forms Processing : Filled up forms are verified before data capture. Captured Data is audited before importing into the system.
      • System Configuration : General System Setup (Depts., Unit, Grades, Steps); Salary details configuration(Basic, Transport etc.); Individual components (Unions, Loans, Special benefit)
      • Account Number Cleaning : Test Pay and cleanse all the account numbers
      • Review: Review of Payroll run, data comparison & Validation; Reports & Formats Confirmation
  • Customer is trained to manage the system. Help Manuals provided; complete configuration documentation provided as part of Handover.
    • Timeframe: This is dependent on the requirements scope
    • Interest Rates: Not Applicable as platform is only accessible locally
    • Terms & Conditions: These are as applicable in the MOU the customer maintains with UBA

Shoppers Mall


  • Increased sales revenue
  • Brand promotion via a micro-site where you can sell
  • Nation-wide delivery of product sold via our partnership with a local logistics company

Product Attributes

  • Ease of managing platform on mobile using the Shoppers Mall merchant mobile app
  • Several payment options such as cards, account, Escrow and mobile money
  • Order fulfilment and logistics powered by DHL
  • Marketing and promotions targeted at acquiring and retaining the right customer

Why Sell On Shoppers Mall?

  • Reach a wider audience - Internet penetration continues to rise. As at June 2016, there were 97 million internet users in Nigeria approx. 52% of the population
  • Cost Effective - Shoppers Mall offers an effective, low cost channel for SME's in Nigeria to drive sales online through new customer acquisition and retain existing customers
  • Leverage on the support of a trusted bank like UBA with over 12 million customers


U-Collect is a Consolidated Internet Payment Gateway Solution which integrates multiple payment solutions available in Nigeria – VISA, Verve, MasterCard and e-Tranzact.


  • Simplified integration processes
  • Possible integration with corporate core business application if required
  • Possible instant email/SMS notification (on phones of authorized personnel)


  • Simplified integration processes
  • 24/7 support through our customer interaction centre
  • A robust and scalable collection platform
  • Audit trail for transactions on the platform