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Do you need constant cash support, month in and month out? With longer-tenure credit, flexible payment plan and lower equity, banking with us is a rewarding relationship that enables you to enjoy the good things of life.

Looking for a loan where you can access large sums of money and pay back manageable monthly instalments over a long period of time using your salary, this is for you!

Looking for funds to cover your everyday business expenses? Consider opting for the Unsecured Personal Overdraft, enabling repayment directly from your current account. 

Are you dreaming of owning a new vehicle?  The UBA Car Loan is a specialized product is crafted to partially finance the acquisition of motor vehicles, exclusively from authorized car dealers.

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We have a range of suitable financing options to help your business grow. Our loan options may be good for you. Together, let us grow your business.

About Us

Our business strategy is built on being the bank of choice for businesses across the African continent. Using our extensive spread across the continent, we aim to facilitate inter–and-intra-African trade and also be the pivot for the inflow of investment capital