Cards enable you perform various transactions without the need to go to the banking hall.

Our cards are highly convenient to use anytime.

Our cards are issued to clients that perform one or more of a number of services that relate to giving the client access to numerous services.

Getting the Right Card

What makes  Me special?  What do I need? The perfect debit card for Me. A student, An average income earner.
I’m an average income earner looking for a card that helps me with my daily activities- I rarely travel- a card I can use on ATMs, POS, and local websites with *flexible monthly fees and *Pay-As-U-Go features: paying monthly fees only for the months the card is utilized on the ATM

Verve Debit Mastercard

A professional, A middle-class, salaried Worker. I travel about 1 or 2 times a year. I like to skip the queues in the banking hall or would rather not visit them I’m aspirational and proud of my achievements I’m conscious of my status A card I can use anywhere in the world but with flat and low rates A card that I can use to pay for goods and services from the comfort of my home e.g. internet shopping (Amazon, iTunes, ASOS, etc.) without traveling out of Uganda.


Access your money anywhere with the UBA Visa Classic® Debit Card, which includes making purchases for goods and services wherever the Visa logo is displayed (POS, Web). You can make withdrawals at any of the 2.1 million Visa enabled ATMs in over 200 countries and purchases at merchant locations where Visa is accepted worldwide.

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Pre-paid cards are funded directly by cardholders which negates the need for cardholders to have a formal bank account. It is a multi-purpose card that provides customers with easy access to cash through ATMs and purchases at merchant outlets as well as web transactions. 

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Bank Anywhere

You are going to love banking with us. Manage your accounts with ease through our various award-winning digital channels: internet banking, USSD banking, Mobile App or Chat Banking.

We have created accounts tailored to suit your individual and corporate needs.

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