UBA Kiddies Account

Interest bearing savings accounts established by parents and guardians for their children or wards who are 0 -12 years.

UBA Kiddies Account

The kiddies Account allows parents to start saving for their kids as soon as they are born, and as they grow older, educate them about money and savings. For customers who want accounts for their children below 13yrs of age.




Open a UBA Kiddies account today!

Visit a UBA branch closer to you and open a UBA Kiddies account to set a future for your kids


– Targeted savings to help plan for the future
– Bonus rewards for setting up a target plan
– Earn competitive Interest
– Online and mobile banking
– 13th Month Reward of 10% of the savings plan amount if amount not withdrawn for 12months.

Documents required
– Child’s birth certificate or International Passport
– 1 Passport Photograph each of parent/guardian and child ID.

-The parent/ guardian and a child who has come of age

No, please. Debit cards are not enabled for this account type.

As often as you like,  however if there are more than 4 withdrawals in a month, the account is disqualified from interest payment for that month.

Several exciting rewards such as:
– Earn 13th Month Reward.

No, please. Only customers with a target savings plan can  qualify for the 13th month bonus.

Target Savings Plan provides the unique opportunity to plan your desired goal for your child over a period and get rewarded when the goal is achieved.

Yes, you will earn competitive interest on the accumulated funds in your account even if you do not achieve your target plan – however you will no longer be eligible for the 13th month bonus.

All Savings Accounts Come With

Internet Banking

Secure Transactions

Transaction Notifications

24/7 Banking

UBA Online Account

No need to visit the bank

The UBA Online Account is a unique account designed for people who desire to carry out their banking activities purely online, without visiting a bank branch.

Enjoy the flexibility of banking on the go, with our electronic channels (Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Leo ChatBanking and ATM)

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