Other Services

Here are more services we offer.

Other Services

Access other Banking Services from any of our branches worldwide. 

NSSF Payments

This is an electronic way of processing employees’ contributions onto their National Social Security Fund (NSSF) accounts with minimal manual interventions. It involves a straightforward process of remitting members’ contributions from the employer through the Centenary Bank to NSSF.

How it works

The employer uploads employees’ contributions onto the NSSF Portal. Thereafter, a transaction reference number is generated which is presented at Centenary Bank for payment. The Bank teller enters the reference number into the system and the details are retrieved/displayed. Upon confirmation of the employees’ details, the payment is then posted. Immediately posting is done, there is instant notification and update onto employees’ accounts with NSSF.




NWSC Payment

System enables customers pay water bills conveniently, either through the CenteMobile banking platform or over the counter at any branch.

How to pay your water bill over the counter

Present water number to the teller and amount to be paid. The teller enters details in the system and post the transaction. Immediately payment is made, the customer receives a message notification confirming of payment.

UMEME Payment

This is a flexible and convenient way of making UMEME payments for both pre-paid and postpaid. Payment are made  over the counter. Token and message notifications are received instantly  by the customer.

How to pay for UMEME over the counter

Present umeme account number with amount to be paid. Teller enters details in the system. Immediately amount is posted, the customer receives a message and in case it Yaka a token is received.



Mobile Money Transfers

UBA Bank offers MTN and Airtel Mobile money services. This is a money transfer mechanism, based on Airtel’s Mobile Money platform, or MTN’s Mobile Money platform which transfers money between phone users.