Digital Banking Solutions

Get a reliable and convenient way of receiving money for goods and services.

It takes a supportive partner like UBA to grow a business

UBA SME Business account is in three variants. We provide you with the exact help your business needs. There is nothing too small or too big to achieve with us. With UBA your dreams, plans and goals for your business can be achieved.



Get a more reliable and convenient way of paying for goods and services via our POS. The Point of Sale terminal is a portable device that facilitates payments for goods and services at merchant locations using payment cards issued by banks. 

UBA POS terminal provides a reliable,  convenient & well-automated way of making and processing payment online as value is credited merchant accounts in real time.

  • ✔ Easy and reliable purchase payment at all point
  • ✔ Accepts all cards (Visa, MasterCard)
  • ✔ Accepts International MasterCard & Visa Cards
  • ✔ Balance Enquiry and End of day
  • ✔ Accepts all Cards Other Value Added Services (Bill Payments, Air time vending, DCC)

Visit the nearest UBA branch for more information. For inquiries, contact or call +256 417715100/104/121.

Company expense card (Prepaid)

The UBA Corporate Debit Card is the easiest way to pay for bills and manage corporate business expenses without writing or issuing company cheques, which makes account reconciliation stress free.

  • ✔ The Corporate Debit Card is the easiest way to manage corporate expenses and stay compliant in the new cash-lite society.
  • ✔ It is a debit card linked directly to a corporate account. It is EMV chip-enabled, driven by a PIN and can be used to make everyday purchases as well as withdraw money at ATMs.
  • ✔ It can be linked to a corporate account denominated in Naira only
  • ✔ It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all transactions
  • ✔ It is an EMV secured microchip and PIN debit card
  • ✔ Corporate organizations can define transaction restrictions based on terminal type (POS, ATM, etc.) and amount
  • ✔ Shape company-wide expenses by choosing how your cardholders (staff) use their cards
  • ✔ Regular Management Information reports sent to you to help analyze expenses more efficiently
  • ✔ Avoid high foreign exchange costs by choosing to pay in Naira
  • ✔ Retailer details appear in your statement, so account reconciliation is easier
  • ✔There’s chip and PIN protection for POS purchases and ATM transactions, VbyV and SecureCode when buying online

Click here to see how to apply for a card

Visit the nearest UBA branch for more information. For inquiries, contact or call +256 417715100/104/121.


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