Shoppers Mall

Leverage on the support of a trusted bank like UBA with over 12 million customers. ​

The Shoppers Mall Features

  • –   Increased sales revenue
  • –   Brand promotion via a micro-site where you can sell
  • –   Nation-wide delivery of product sold via our partnership with a local logistics company
  • –   Convenient and offers merchants the ability to increase the number of satisfied customers who are able to shop 24/7 regardless of location
  • –   General cost reduction for the merchant in terms of cost of developing, managing and promoting an eCommerce website whose expenses can be in excess of $300,000 per annum
  • –   Access to sales/customer reports to help guide decision making

The Shoppers Mall Product Attributes

  • –   Ease of managing platform on mobile using the Shoppers Mall merchant mobile app.
  • –   Several payment options such as cards, account, Escrow and mobile money.
  • –   Order fulfilment and logistics powered by DHL.
  • –   Marketing and promotions targeted at acquiring and retaining the right customer.

Why Sell On Shoppers Mall?

  • Reach a wider audience – Internet penetration continues to rise. As at Jun 2016, there were 97 million internet users in Nigerian approx. 52% of the population.
  • Cost Effective – Shoppers Mall offers an effective, low cost channel for SME’s in Nigeria to drive sales online through new customer acquisition and retain existing customers.
  • Leverage on the support of a trusted bank like UBA with over 12 million customers.
  • Create your store url – to share with your customers.
  • Auto post your products on Facebook and sell from your business page. There are over 16million Nigerians on Facebook.
  • Secure transactions using one of the highest Secure Socket Layer Encryption on the platform and our payment gateway which is PCIDSS compliant.

Merchant Store

  • – Shoppers Mall can be accessed via a desktop and any mobile device.
  • – The merchant and customer app also provides convenient and easy access to shopping.


  • –   Online campaigns will drive awareness and customer acquisition on the platform
  • –   Products and services on Shoppers Mall will be advertised on all our social media handles
  • –   Over 2.5 million UBA card holders are your potential customers
  • –   Corporate gifts and loyalty cards will drive sales and repeat purchases
  • –   Most online purchases begins with a search, the platform has been optimized for search engines

Online Payment


   –   Secure Payment Gateway


   –   Powered By UBA




Order Fulfilment includes Product

Pickup and Delivery

If you need assistance or have questions, we are always here to help.